TransHealth: A repository of transgender and gender diverse health resources

Hello and welcome to!

We are currently developing this site, and will continue to add content as it becomes production-worthy. We strive to only add information that has been thoroughly researched and sourced.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide a comprehensive, easily traversable resource about all aspects of trans & gender diverse healthcare in NSW. Health information can be difficult to find and understand so we want to deliver up-to-date and evidence-based information that is suitable for everyone.

Our ultimate goal is to initiate changes in the healthcare system and to improve various health and social outcomes for trans & gender diverse people.


This website is a voluntary project arising from a discussion about how to improve access to information about trans & gender diverse healthcare. We are not currently affiliated with any government or non-government organisations.

Who we are

We are a doctor and a web developer who have a keen interest in trans & gender diverse affairs. Our story is simple: One day we were sitting on a couch discussing public health...

As we reflected on the current state of affairs and our past experiences, we talked about the difficulty of finding reliable public resources aimed at bridging the gap between clinicians and trans & gender diverse patients. It just so happens, thought we, that we could do it. With our combined skills and passions, we could create a website - fully sourced and modern - that would help fill that gap.

We hope that this website assists you in finding the information that you need :)